Multiple ways to assign Quicklaunches

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Multiple ways to assign Quicklaunches

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I want to show you some ways how I assign the quick launches, many games use, without spending many controller buttons. I have made a profile that includes all of these ways as an example and under it are some facts about these ways.
This profile should work with every gamepad that has two Sticks and one DPAD.
Another possibility would be, to use the virtual controller you can activate in the options (after activating the "Show debug settings").
You can have look at the assignments and edit them by opening the Advanced Assignment window.
example profile: Show

Code: Select all

;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Set1DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,3,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.20s,4
Set1DPadRightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,5,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.20s,6
Set1DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,7,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.20s,8
Set1DPadLeftSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,1,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.20s,2
Set2DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,3,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.40s,4
Set2DPadRightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,5,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.40s,6
Set2DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,7,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.40s,8
Set2DPadLeftSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,1,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.40s,2
Set2DPadDownRightSlots=Left Square Bracket
Set2DPadDownLeftSlots=Right Square Bracket
  • Using all straight directions of the DPAD with Tap&Hold
Location in example profile: Dpad Set1
Possible number of quick launches: 8
  • Pros
    -quick and safe access
    -good for fast game situations
    -only 8 quick launches possible (but that's enough for most games)
    -takes some time to configure
How to setup:
1. Click on the tool symbol near the Dpad and then click on "4-Way Standard".
2. Now assign all eight Quicklaunches via Tap&Hold (explained here under "Specials") to the four Dpad directions.
  • Using all eight directions of the Dpad via Tap&Hold with a delay on the straight directions
Location in example profile: Dpad Set2
Possible number of quick launches: 12 or 16
(if you use Tap&Hold for the diagonals too)
  • Pros
    -many quick launches possible (some games may use 12)
    -configuration takes a lot of time
    -the delay of the straight directions (they need to be pressed calm)
    -the diagonal directions are a little bit unsafe, but the delays help
How to setup:
1. Click on the tool symbol near the Dpad and then click on "8-Way".
2. Assign the Quicklaunches for the straight Dpad direction via Tap&Hold (explained here under "Specials") but make sure that they are at least 0.10s delayed, so every Hold and Release Zone needs to have a 0.10s higher value.
3. Assign the diagonal direction either with a simple assignment or with a normal Tap&Hold.[/hide]

  • Using all eight directions of a stick
Location in example profile: Stick2 in Set2
Possible number of quick launches: 8 or 9
(if you assign the stick button too)
  • Pros
    -fast and easily to configure
    -can make problems in fast game situations
    -probably you need both sticks, so you have to assign this in a different set
How to setup:
1. Assign a set selector to any other set to a desired button.
2. Click on the tool symbol near the desired stick in the respective set and then click on "8-Way".
3. Click again on the tool symbol, then click on "Settings..." and change the Dead Zone value in the opening Stick Settings window to a high. The higher it is, the safer it is to not accidentally trigger the a wrong Quicklauch but the further you have to move the stick. I recommend 90%.
4. Assign up to eight Quicklaunches to the stick direction and maybe another one to the stick button.
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