Issues with Distance Zones and Set Selector

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Issues with Distance Zones and Set Selector

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So there's a fangame I love called Sonic Robo Blast 2 and one issue it has are the camera controls for analog mode; they can only go in one rotation speed. But I figured out that by using an autoexec file with that game, I can make many keys on my keyboard change the rotation speed. I did this with about 34 keys starting at key "1" to key "B". Using XPadder, I made the right analog stick capable of going at 34 different speeds, but I have one major problem. The distance zone is set up where it's entirely based around the center of the analog stick. So if I have my diagonal size set to 89, having my analog stick tilted all the way up and slightly tilted to the right makes it go at full speed in an east direction because it's far away from the center of the analog stick. This is not how cameras tend to work in video games. Normally if I had my right analog stick all the way up and slightly tilted to the right, it would move up quickly but move right slowly. Considering how I also have it where the mouse is emulated in XPadder for up and down on the right analog stick, that makes this problem very frustrating. Any idea how I can fix this issue?

As for my problem with the set selector, it won't change sets until I let go of the button I press. I have different sets set up for this game's analog mode, strafing mode, and first person mode. Needing to let go of the button after pressing it to change sets is very frustrating. Doesn't help that it'll instantly press whatever key I have set up in that spot but won't instantly change the set.

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Re: Issues with Distance Zones and Set Selector

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There is no way to make the distance zone working that way on the sticks. But why that complicated if you can simply configure the game to work directly with the analog sticks?

You can use a while held set selector for switching the set as soon as you press the button.
If you still want it two-way, you only need to set up an advanced assignment on this button in both sets that consists of a release zone of 0.01 seconds and a pause of 10 minutes (or as 10m is the maximum duration of a pause many of them if you should want more than 10m). The pause prevents Xpadder from returning to set1 as soon as the button is released, but as soon as you press the button again the pause will be interrupted and Xpadder will switch back.


Code: Select all

;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Name=(Untitled profile)
Set1Button1Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,PAUSE 10m00.00s
Set2Button1Name=While Held+Pause
Set2Button1Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,PAUSE 10m00.00s

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