How to uninstall Xpadder?????

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How to uninstall Xpadder?????

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I need to unistall Xpadder and then reinstall the program. How do I do this?

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Re: How to uninstall Xpadder?????

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Xpadder isn't installed, you simply execute the Xpadder.exe and that's it.
To "unintstall" Xpadder, you simply have to delete the Xpadder.exe and, if you don't want to keep your settings, the Xpadder.ini in the same folder as well of your created controller layout(s) and profiles.

If your intention should be to "install" Xpadder somewhere else, you can simply move the files there.
The only problem is, if you move your controller layout(s) and profiles, that Xpadder doesn't know anymore where they are. So you have to load your controller layout(s) once manually, the recently used profiles list isn't working until you have loaded other profiles and the AutoProfile feature (if you have used it) needs to be reconfigured as it doesn't find the profiles anymore.

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