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Button toggle

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Is it possible to configure xpadder to iterate the button mapping based on button presses? On "The Witcher" we need to use "z" and "x" to switch between combat stances. Is it possible to make an iteration press e.g: button 1 press = "x" then button 1 press = "y" then back to button 1 press = "x" and so on? I hope I explained it properly :\

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Re: Button toggle

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Yep. Click on the gamepad button you want to assign to this, then click the "Advanced" button in the lower right. This will open up:
What you want to do is put the two keys in with a "Cycle Stop" in between them. So press "X", then click the Cycle Stop button, then press "Y". (Xpadder will select/highlight the new empty block at the end after each assignment.) You're done - click okay and then close the basic keyboard screen as well. :)

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