How to Configure PS4 Controller/ Mapping

How to Configure PS4 Controller/ Mapping

Post » 23 Dec 2014, 15:53

I am trying to play ARMA 3 but i don't understand how to "properly configure" or map my ps4 controller before downloading profiles (im trying to play ARMA 3 with a ps4 controller). I'm really struggling getting this to work, a thorough step by step guide or link or whatever would be very appreciated.
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Re: How to Configure PS4 Controller/ Mapping

Post » 04 May 2015, 03:51


I was in the same boat as you and after 20 hours of googling and trying stuff I found a way.


1) if you ever installed any virtual joysticks like ppyoy for example uninstall it. It caused a echo effect on my controller.

2) Google, download and install DS4Windows.-.J2K.v1.4.25 or what ever the current version is. I then PLUGGED in my ps4 controller and setup a ps4 profile and saved it mapping the buttons to convert xbox to ps4. click a button on the controller and pick the button it would be on a xbox controller.

Some of this stuff I think is required for the DS4Windows driver so do this, get it working but do not have the scpserver auto boot at startup I already had the scpserver installed and had it working with bluetooth and did all the required installs like the MS xbox controller driver and etc. dont run any of it as you will need to reboot to free up the bluetooth connection.

3) Run xpadder and configure as per this sites instructions. With my ARMA 3 I had to remap in the game the salute key to "]" for it to work and I also had an issue with the stance adjust. I had to map that in xpadder to be "left cntl" key. I also legnthened the quick tap keys a little longer because i cant tap that quick normally.

Hope this helps and I would love to hear from someone if this is correct or if their is a better way as I am very green to this kind of stuff.

p.s. I use my ps4 controller using bluetooth to play, but make sure to plug it in when you install the programs 2) and 3). I had issues their with it conflicting a bit possibly with the scpserver program. I can now use my ps4 using both programs just not at the same time. reboot first then use the other one.

p.p.s. to use xpadder after a reboot first run DS4WINDOWS with admin privledges then run xpadder with admin privledges and then run the game. If if does not work try running game as admin as well. Its fine to minimize the DS4 and xpadder programs before and while playing.

good luck
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