Xpadder doesn't work in certain programs?

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Xpadder doesn't work in certain programs?

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I am trying to use xpadder on a Win8 x64 system. I have the latest version downloaded, and in the My documents folder on my system. When I start it, it works (I am testing it using the move mouse function). When I switch to the game it stops. It works when the xpadder window is selected, or when chrome is selected, strangely enough, but not the game or Steam. I don't know if it is related but the two that work and don't work are on different monitors. I have switched which monitors they are on and it doesn't change much, the programs that have worked before work and the ones that didn't still won't.

I don't know if it depends on what monitor the program started on but it doesn't work in all of the games I try it in.

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Re: Xpadder doesn't work in certain programs?

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Try starting Xpadder as Administrator because windows 8 seems to be blocking the input keys and mouse activity from Xpadder to emulate. Right click on your desktop shortcut icon and run Xpadder as Administrator.

NOTE: Make sure and shut down Xpadder in the system tray first before restarting as Administrator.

I think I'll write up a small issue problem with Xpadder and windows 8 and how to get around those minor problems. Stay tuned.

For those who are reading this should know that in windows 8 "Alt-Tab" won't work with Xpadder. Microsoft has taken exclusive use of it in Windows 8.

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