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I saw a post on a windows forum to the effect- XPADDER Sucks, it dosn't work- you ripped me off! I downloaded XPADDER myself about 2hrs ago. After installing the Project Neveda Mod for Fallout New Vegas, I was excited by new features like a grenade button only to find I could'nt use it with my XBOX Pad. The Peps at Project Neveda recomended XPADDER. After downloading I was horrified to discover I could'nt use my pad the way I wanted...... instantly! 1/2 an hour into reading SGTCableDog's Xpadder for Dummies Guide viewforum.php?f=89 I was able to start to get my head round this new toy & I'm impressed. This is a powerfull icredible usefull tool. Thankyou
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