This utility should be sold on Steam

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This utility should be sold on Steam

Post by Lord-Xanthor »

I highly suggest selling this on Steam. I been promoting games for years as a reporter. I started years ago working for Stratics and Electronic Arts with Ultima Online and Earth & Beyond, the MMORPGs that paved the patch to the many games we see today.
One of the biggest problems I see on Steam with every new developer, some old ones too, is no controller support, or even bad key assignment. Your Xpadder utility has come in handy so many times for my family, that when I see the community asking for such support, I paste Xpadders website, and Steam even put in an override for me so the link doesn't get blocked.
There is one problem though. A good amount of people won't buy a very good product like this, because it's not listed on Steam. They get the idea of it's not sold there, something must be wrong, and it definitely isn't. I highly suggest Xpadder be sold on Steam. You would be amazed at how much a utility like this is highly wanted!
Not to mention, if you sold on Steam, volunteers like myself who do free promotions, can help new customers as we already have years experience with your utility.
Just a thought.

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Re: This utility should be sold on Steam

Post by Mobeeuz »

As someone who has been "promoting games for years as a reporter," you should be acutely aware of Steam's robust built-in gamepad support that goes above and beyond Xpadder's current capabilities. The main draw to Xpadder is for those NOT wanting to use Steam, or not wanting to be tied to DRM like other gamepad utilities. If anything, selling on Steam will likely sow dissent within the existing Xpadder community.

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