8BitDo M30

If your controller is not for Xbox 360, PlayStation or PC then look here
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8BitDo M30

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Tinypic has been shutting down, so I have simply uploaded my whole collection to Google Drive accessible under the link below.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

A nice online backup and much more conveniently to handle for me, but unfortunately you won't be able to simply use the Xpadder typical Copy&Paste method anymore.
How to download: Show
You need to open the link, again search for the controller you are interested in and then click the download icon that will appear in the upper left corner of the image when you hover on it with the mouse cursor. Left clicking it will show you the whole image, then the download icon will be in the upper right of the screen.
Then simply open the image (with any kind of image viewer or editor, simply double click should work fine) and from there the typical Copy&Paste way will work.
Some of the images are .bpm files (such as the one for this controller), these can alternatively be opened directly with Xpadder.

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Re: 8BitDo M30

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Nice, thank you very much! Good to see that this Forum is not complete dead.

Danke ;)

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