What can Xpadder do and what can it not do?

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What can Xpadder do and what can it not do?

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How does Xpadder work?
Xpadder reads your game controller and then simulates keypresses and mouse actions based on how you have set it up.

What can the latest version of Xpadder do?
All the features below affect how Xpadder simulates your assignments. No changes are made to your controller or your controller driver.
Xpadder can:
- read 16 controllers (either the same, different or a mixture) at the same time
- handle reconnections instantly (unlike some games and emulators that require restarting if you disconnect your controller)
- assign a key, combination or sequence to any accessible controller button, trigger, stick direction or dpad direction
- assign the most common keyboard keys, mouse movements, up to 5 mouse buttons and mouse wheel scrolling/tilting
- use different assignments for tapping or holding a button
- use different assignments (for holding and release) based on hold duration
- assign different down and up times for each part of a sequence
- name assignments (for example; jump)
- toggle any assignment (Xpadder will hold the assignment down for you while you let go)
- turbo any assignment (Xpadder will rapidly tap the assignment for you while you only hold it down)
- rumble any assignment (Xpadder will rumble your controller (if possible) while you hold it down)
- read Xbox 360 controller triggers independantly
- set stick/dpad mode (4-standard, 4-way diagonal ,8 way or vertical/horizonal priority with custom diagonal zones for sticks)
- set stick and trigger deadzones for your assignment (how far the stick/trigger needs moving)
- autoassign WSAD, arrows, mouse or numpad to sticks or dpads
- assign mouse movements based on camera/look, cursor or spring mode
- set mouse speed per axis and invert if required
- configure up to 8 sets of controls per profile
- set any controller button to switch between sets one-way, two-way or while held
- autoopen a profile when the game is detected
- view technical details and raw data of any controller

What can Xpadder NOT do?
Xpadder cannot:
- add support for your game controller to Windows (you need the driver software installed first)
- add support for your game controller to any game directly (Xpadder simulates keypresses and mouse actions based on how you use your game controller)
- simulate game controller buttons or axis (Xpadder can only read them)

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