3.1 - Advanced Instructions: AutoProfiles

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3.1 - Advanced Instructions: AutoProfiles

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The AutoProfile feature loads automatically a selected profile when a certain game or application gets into focus. You just have to make a entry for it.

Where do I find it?
You find this feature in the Xpadder Settings.
  • 1.Click on the tool symbol in the upper right of the Xpadder main window
    2.Click then in the appearing "Xpadder Settings" window on "AutoProfile".

How do I make a new entry?
  • 1.1Click on the button "New...".
    2.Click on "Open a Profile".
    3.Select the profile you want to have loaded automatically.
    4.Select the program/game this profile should be loaded with.
There are two ways how you can tell Xpadder with which program the profile should be loaded.
4.1By selecting its .exe file
  • 4.1.1Click on "Select Program".
    4.1.2Search for the .exe file you start the game/program with and click on "Open"
Note: As for Steam games, you find their installation folders under .../Steam/steamapps/common. But since you don't know exactly with which file Steam starts the game, I would recommend the second possibility for Steam games.

4.2By selecting it's process
  • 4.2.1Click on "Recent Windows".
    4.2.2Read the information and click on "OK".
Here you find a list of the last programs running.
  • 4.2.3Leave all Xpadder windows like they are and start your game/application
    4.2.4Alt-Tab out of the game or close it directly, for a non fullscreen application you can just minimize its window.
    4.2.5Now you should see your program on the top of the chart, select it.
    4.2.6Click on "Select Program" to associate this entry with the whole program, click on "Select Title" to associate it with this specific window name.

How does it work, if I have two or more controllers?
If you have only one entry for the respective program, Xpadder will load the profile for the controller that is currently selected in the main window.
If you want to load a profile for each controller, you have to make one entry per controller. The first entry will be loaded for the first controller, the second entry for the second controller, and so on.
To change the order of the controllers or hide one of them, open the Xpadder settings and click on "Controllers", there you will find everything you need.

For what are these two entries (">none< >default<" and ">Ignore Default< Xpadder.exe") that are already in the chart?
">none< >default<" is for loading a profile (preferably empty or with a HTPC setup) if no other entry matches. It will be loaded only for the controller that is currently selected in the main window.
To use it do following:
  • 1.Save an empty profile (or HTPC or whatever).
    2.Select this >default< entry and click on the button "Activate".
    3.Click on the button "Edit Profile..." and select your profile.
Note: If the default profile is activated and you load a different profile manually, the AutoProfile feature will be deactivated until you reload the default profile yourself or manually reactivate the AutoProfile feature in the AutoProfile settings.

">Ignore Default< Xpadder.exe" is for ignoring this default entry while Xpadder is in focus. If you like, you can add more entries like this for other programs.
  • 1.Click on "New..." an then on "Ignore Default"
    2.And do the steps 4.x.x out of "How do I make a new entry?" with this entry
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