1.3 - Creating a key/mouse profile

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1.3 - Creating a key/mouse profile

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A Profile is a collection of key and mouse assignments for use single game or program.
The Profile will be saved as a file in the same folder as the Xpadder program.
For each game or program you use Xpadder with you will need to create a new profile.

Please note that the numbers at the bottom of the Xpadder window are not Profiles but Sets

Step by step guide to creating your first Profile
This is a very basic tutorial to create a very simple profile:

To assign a single button click the button on the image with the mouse - here we are going to assign something to the A button

To assign a group of keys or mouse actions to a stick or dpad click the Settings icon next it and select the group you want to assign

Click any button in the assignment window to assign it to the button you selected - here we are assigning the left mouse button

To save your profile click the profile icon and select Save As from the profile menu

After saving the profile its name appears to the right of the profile icon - now you can use your gamepad to control the mouse!

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