Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Post » 16 Sep 2009, 10:14

Hello everyone

I have a weird issue when playing Mass Effect.

When I go forward (left analog all the way up) and start turning left (right analog all the way left) system gets some strange readings from controller and my character starts spinning around like crazy. Tried another controller/changed analogs the other way round/checked all settings etc but nothing seems to help.

The other thing is - it's ONLY happenind when analogs are all the way up/down etc. If I perform the same move/combination and leave the stick half-way through it's all ok. But it's really difficult (nearly impossible) to be cautious enough during playing/shooting etc :mrgreen: so I'm dying a lot because of that.

I tried other games - CoD4, Stalker and none of them have the same problem.

By the way who decided to remove Gamepad support in PC version of Mass Effect is beyond me.

Hope you can help guys :?:
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 16 Sep 2009, 22:44

This is most likely caused by the game, because Xpadder doesn't give any different input to the game based on how far the Sticks are pushed. Have you tried disabling the controller support in the game and using Xpadder exclusively?
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 28 Sep 2009, 13:31

Mass Effect don't support gamepads at all , no options to disable controllers, only keybord and mouse.
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 28 Sep 2009, 13:41

Problem remains here , help!
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 28 Sep 2009, 15:11

Fully exit Xpadder and try to use your gamepad in Mass Effect because i am pretty sure the game supports gamepads. It doesn't matter if you can't disable gamepads in-game, it still may support them.
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 26 Mar 2010, 19:27

I'm getting exactly the same thing with Xpadder so will try to use the gamepad without Xpadder and see what happens. Did you ever resolve your issue?
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 14 Sep 2010, 12:31


This might be a little late. But I struggled with the same issue a few days ago and came to a pretty usable result. I used a XBOX 360 Wireless Controller for Windows and got it working...

The problem with this controller seems to be, that ME (although no real gamepad support is included) seems to still "understand" the controller. So there might be some kind of conflict with gamepads that also emulate keystrokes.

In the "BIOInput.ini", located in your "My Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect" folder, you can manually change the key bindings. A few month ago there was an unofficial Patch for XBOX 360 Controller support in ME 1.

see here:
The Link is dead, but I managed to find a patched Version of the BIOInput.ini on some other website. This Patch also contained a patched BIOGame.ini and a BIOGuiResources.ini which transformed the "feel" of the games (especially the look of the GUI) al little bit to the XBOX version of the game. I didn't like that, so I just went with the changes to the BIOInput.ini.

The interesting thing about this file is, that you are not just able to assign keystrokes to ingame-commands but also the buttons of the XBOX 360 Controller. In that way you can assign every action to the controllers buttons as you like. In addition you can use XPadder to get the benefits of it's inbuild function (I especially would miss the "Set" function).

Here are the original Key assignment of the patch postet above. You just have to add these lines to the "Bindings" (for the keyboard), that are already in the file:

Code: Select all
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_A", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_A 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_A 0 | HandleUseButtonOn | OnRelease HandleUseButtonOff | SprintOn | OnRelease SprintOff | GUIAction | CinematicAccelerate | OnRelease CinematicNormal | InGamePropertyEditorForward | MiniGame_A | EnterVehicle | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_A | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_A_RELEASE | VehicleThrustersOn | OnRelease VehicleThrustersOff")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_B", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_B 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_B 0 | HandleCancelButton | InGamePropertyEditorBack | MiniGame_B | ExitVehicle | EndInGamePropertyEditor | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_B | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_B_RELEASE | CinematicSkip | MovieAction")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_X", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_X 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_X 0 | MiniGame_X | CinematicSkip | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_X | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_X_RELEASE  | LeaveWorld")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_Y", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_Y 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_Y 0 | UseFirstAid | MiniGame_Y | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_Y | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_Y_RELEASE | StartIngamePropertyEditor")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_RightShoulder", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTSHOULDER 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTSHOULDER 0 | ToggleCommandMenu | GhostMoveUp 1 | OnRelease GhostMoveUp 0 | NextTarget | MessageBoxPageDown | InGamePropertyEditorRightShoulder | MiniGame_RightShoulder | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RB | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RB_RELEASE | FireVehicleCannon 1 | OnRelease FireVehicleCannon 0")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftShoulder", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_LEFTSHOULDER 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_LEFTSHOULDER 0 | GhostMoveDown 1 | OnRelease GhostMoveDown 0 | PrevTarget | MessageBoxPageUp | InGamePropertyEditorLeftShoulder | MiniGame_LeftShoulder | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LB | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LB_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_RightTrigger", Command="Repeat HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTTRIGGER 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTTRIGGER 0 | Repeat FireWeapon | FireWeaponOn | OnRelease FireWeaponOff | InGamePropertyEditorRightTrigger | MiniGame_RightTrigger | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RT | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RT_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_LEFTTRIGGER 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_LEFTTRIGGER 0 | ToggleZoom | OnRelease ZoomOff | InGamePropertyEditorLeftTrigger | MiniGame_LeftTrigger | FireVehicleCannonOn |OnRelease FireVehicleCannonOff | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LT | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LT_RELEASE | ToggleVehicleZoom")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_RightThumbstick", Command="SwitchToNextWeapon | HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTTHUMBSTICK 1 | OnRelease BIO_BUTTON_RIGHTTHUMBSTICK 0 | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RTHUMB | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_RTHUMB_RELEASE");
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick", Command="ToggleCrouch | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LTHUMB | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_LTHUMB_RELEASE");
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_DPad_Up", Command="GUIScrollUp | HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_UP 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_UP 0 | SquadCommandMoveTo | InGamePropertyEditorUPAction | MiniGame_DPad_Up | Repeat GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_UP | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_UP_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_DPad_Down", Command="GUIScrollDown | HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN 0 | SquadCommandRally | InGamePropertyEditorDOWNAction | MiniGame_DPad_Down | Repeat GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_DOWN | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_DOWN_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_DPad_Left", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT 0 | SquadCommandAttackTarget | MiniGame_DPad_Left | Repeat GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_LEFT | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_LEFT_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_DPad_Right", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT 0 | SquadCommandTakeCover | MiniGame_DPad_Right | Repeat GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_RIGHT | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_CONTROL_RIGHT_RELEASE")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX", Command="Repeat StrafeLeftRight 1.0 0.2 | Repeat TacSel_TalentMode | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_LSTICK_X 1.0 0.2 | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_MOUSE_X 0.7 0.2")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftY", Command="Repeat MoveForwardBack 1.0 0.2 | Repeat TacSel_TalentMode | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_LSTICK_Y -1.0 0.2 | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_MOUSE_Y 0.7 0.2")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_RightX", Command="Repeat CameraTurnLeftRight 0.7 0.2 | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_RSTICK_X 1.0 0.2")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_RightY", Command="Repeat CameraLookUpDown 0.7 0.2 | Repeat GuiAxis BIOGUI_EVENT_AXIS_RSTICK_Y 1.0 0.2")
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_Start", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_START 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_START 0 | MiniGame_Start | ShowInGameGui | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_START | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_START_RELEASE");
Bindings=( Name="XboxTypeS_Back", Command="HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_BACK 1 | OnRelease HandleButton BIO_BUTTON_BACK 0 | ThrowGrenade | EndInGamePropertyEditor | OnRelease ToggleTacticalSelection 0 | MiniGame_Back | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_BACK | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_BACK_RELEASE");

Every binding first names the button, that will be assigned and then states all the commands assigned to the button. I don't know all the commands but you will find most of them also in the bindings for the keyboard. In that way you can just "look up", what (i.e.) the key "E" does and just copy the commands to the gamepad bindings.

To solve the issue with Shepard spinning around, you will have to copy the lines with "XboxTypeS_LeftX", "XboxTypeS_LeftY", "XboxTypeS_RightX" and "XboxTypeS_RightY" into your BIOInput.ini. These specify what tot do, wenn the analog sticks are pressed in a certain direction. Unlike the emulation with XPadder there does not seem to bee any kind of conflict. For me, this worked very well...

In addition, when you go with this solution you might encounter some problems with the gamepads "triggers" and some other assignments you do with XPadder. In my case the mouse movements didn't work correctly, becoming slow as hell and therefore not usable. To solve this, I also copied the "XboxTypeS_RightTrigger" and "XboxTypeS_LeftTrigger" into my BIOInput.ini end edited them to fit my needs. I also had problems with the DPad, so I used the BIOInput.ini to specifiy those keys, too.

In fact I ended up copying and editing ALL lines to a state, the configuration fit my needs. Only the line for the left shoulder button I left out, so i could use it as a set selector with XPadder to have a quick acces to quicksave and the map. I will also try to delete the lines for the A, B, X and Y buttons out of the file and instead assign them with Xpadder (for quick access of the submenus). Hopefully there wont be any problems, but we'll see...

Hopefully this is a help to those who don't want to steer Shepard with keyboard and mouse ;)

Greets, Sum
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 14 Feb 2011, 00:29

Sorry to bring up such a dead thread, but I'm curious if you would be permitted to post what the changes were to the BIOGame.ini and BIOGuiResources.ini files? I've been searching and I can't find those changes at all anywhere.
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Re: Mass Effect

Post » 14 Feb 2011, 22:48

I cannot help with this way to solve this problem, but how about that.
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