Assigning more than one key to a button

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Assigning more than one key to a button

Post by vDub »

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to using the more advanced features of Xpadder. I'm trying to set up a profile for Red Faction Armageddon for my controller, but there are some instances where a button can serve more than one function depending on its context. How would I go about assigning more than one key to the same button?

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Re: Assigning more than one key to a button

Post by Kloreep »

Use the Advanced window.


The keyboard ("Basic") window will stay open, and you can use it to add keyboard keys to the slots in the advanced window.

If you want all the keys to be pressed at once when you press the assigned button, just add them all in, no need to add zones of any kind. But you can also do more complicated things using zones. A good one is a tap vs. hold assignment: Press one or more keys if the assigned button is quickly tapped, but press (a) different key(s) if the button is held down.

The syntax for a tap-hold assignment looks like this:
[Release Zone, 0.01 seconds] [Key pressed when tapping] [Release Zone, X seconds] [Hold Zone, X+0.01 Seconds] [Key pressed when holding for at least X seconds]

You need both release zones there to make sure the "tap" key is pressed only when you tap, and not when you hold.

[RZ 0.01 sec] [A] [RZ 1.00 sec] [HZ 1.01 sec]
In this example, if the assigned button is pressed for 1 second or less, Xpadder will emulate the A key (but not B). If the assigned button is pressed and held for more than 1 second, Xpadder will emulate the B key (but not A).

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