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How to post a games profile

Post » 25 Aug 2009, 06:39

To post a Profile you need to do the following:

1) Make sure you have played the game with the profile and it is a finished profile
2) Please try and name all assignments (using the assignment window) to help downloaders understand what each assignment does
3) Create a new topic with the name of the game as the subject
4) If you want to include a screenshot of the profile you will need to upload an image to an image upload site such as ImageShack and paste the link into your post
5) Use the Copy option from the Xpadder Profile menu and paste the Profile in text format into your post (please use the Code button above to format the text after pasting)

Copying allows you to quickly upload a profile without having to upload the actual file somewhere. It also means the downloader can instantly use the profile by Pasting it into Xpadder using the Profile menu.
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Re: How to post a games profile

Post » 16 Sep 2013, 00:34

I followed your instructions to the letter. I pasted my Profile that I copied from my controller layout into the new topic I created and clicked on the Code button above but the text didn't get formatted into a box like I see in other Game Profiles.
Please can you fix this or explain to me how to do it.
Also the topic subject should be changed from "Arx Fatalis (Xbox)" to "Arx Fatalis (X360)". Can you help please?
And how do I get a screenshot just of the controller layout?
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