Battlefield Play4Free (Cyborg F.L.Y.5)

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Battlefield Play4Free (Cyborg F.L.Y.5)

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This is my Configuration for Battlefield Play4Free. You must understand though.
I am using a Cyborg F.L.Y 5 so for me there are many many more buttons then other joysticks may have. So this profile may or may not work for you.

I have played many combinations in Play4Free and using this configuration just worked best for me without actually crashing so, just saying...
Also, there's a Switch on Button 8 which hot swaps the profile for Helicopters. Just make sure your in-game helicopter sensitivity is good.

Here are the Images for the Profile
Image Image

Click Here to Download

If you have played Battlefield Play4Free basically all of the Buttons are defaulted.
The Controls are not hard to grasp either.

On the stick:

Top Left: Fire Rocket/Bomb
Bottom Left: Set Bombs / Rockets as Firing Selection
Top Right: Flares
Bottom Right: Repair

There's a button to the right behind (not on but behind) the Throttle that allows you to Press and it's a button that automatically Presses and Holds so I set that button to be Mouse Look, That way you can press the button look around, and if your done looking you can press it again and it will release the mouse look button. Really handy when flying.

The 4 Buttons on the Side are as Followed and Tagged by order of their respective Numbers:
6. Look Behind You
7. Camera Toggle
8. Swap to Chopper Profile
9. Swap to Jet Profile

Lastly, the Chopper controls at the moment are pretty much the same but the Rockets are not the Same so they are inverted in controls.
But the usage is the same in-game as the Jet Profile. Just remember to switch to the right profile while playing.

As a Backup, My Mapping from my own Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 is also included, just in case you did not enable the same buttons.
Saving you the hassle to go and do that ;)

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