Wing Commander 3 (Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controller)

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Wing Commander 3 (Xbox One or Xbox 360 Controller)

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EA just gave this game out for free, and I figured I'd post the controls I came up with. This works with either the Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller. I used the GoG version which runs off of Dosbox. There are a few modification necessary to enjoy the entirety of this profile's features, but it is well worth the effort. See notes below control descriptions. Enjoy, and any constructive feedback is welcome.

Wing Commander 3 Profile (Xbox 360 or One Controller)

Pitch/Yaw (Look) = L Stick [Y Axis is inverted]
Speed Up = R Stick Up
Slow Down = R Stick Down
Max Speed = Press D Pad Up
Full Stop = Press D Pad Down
Afterburner = Hold R Stick
Match Speed of Target = Click L Stick
Roll Left = R Stick Left less than 50%
Roll Left Fast = R Stick Left greater than 50%
Roll Right = R Stick Right less than 50%
Roll Right Fast = R Stick Right greater than 50%
Slide = Hold A
Engage Auto Pilot = Hold D Pad Down
Engage Jump Drive = Hold D Pad Up

Fire Guns = R Trigger
Cycle Gun Selection = Press R Bumper
Select All Guns = Hold R Bumper


Fire Missile = L Trigger
Bring Up Missile Selection Menu = Press L Bumper
Cycle Missiles = Press D Pad Right
Select/De-Select Cycled Missile = Press D Pad Left
Select All Missiles (Full Salvo) = Hold D Pad Right
Release Decoy (Countermeasures) = Hold L Bumper

Cycle Targets = Press Y
Lock Current Target = Hold Y
Cycle Sub-Targets on Current Target (Capital Ship Turrets) = Tap B


Cycle through Power Systems on HUD = X
Decrease Power to Current Selection = Press D Pad L
Increase Power to Current Selection = Press D Pad R
Max Power to Current Selection = Select+Y
25% Power to All Systems = Select+A
Lock Power to Current System = Select+X or Select+B


Nav Map = Tap Select
Exit Nav Map = Hold Select
Zoom = Left and Right on D Pad
Cycle Targets = Y

Cycle HUD Screens (Lower Left Corner of Screen) = Hold B
Choose Option 1 (for Communication HUD) = Start+L Stick Up
Choose Option 2 (for Communication HUD) = Start+L Stick Right
Choose Option 3 (for Communication HUD) = Start+L Stick Down
Choose Option 4 (for Communication HUD) = Start+L Stick Right
Choose Option 5 (for Communication HUD) = Start+Click L Stick


Forward View/Cycle Cockpit View = Start+Press D Pad Up
Cycle Rear View/Turret and Chase Cam = Start+Press D Pad Down
Left View/Turret = Start+Press D Pad Left
Right View/Turret = Start+Press D Pad Right
Toggle Missile Cam = Start+Hold D Pad Up
Object Cam = Start+Hold D Pad Left
Toggle Kill Cam = Start+Hold D Pad Right

Eject = Hold Start then hold R Stick Button for more than 2 seconds
Pause = Hold Start then tap Select
Un-pause = Hold Select
Use mouse on Carrier = Hold Down Start and R Stick
Click R Mouse Button = Hold Down Start and R Trigger

Got all that?

Don't worry, after a bit of practice it all becomes second nature.

In order to use this profile with the Wing Commander 3 running in DosBox, you will unfortunately have to make a few modifications to the game.

1) You will need to find the folder where Wing Commander 3 is installed, then locate and edit the DOSBOXWC3 file. Find, ‘button wrap = true’ and change ‘true’ to ‘false’. Then, find where it says, “joystick = auto”, and change “auto” to “none”. You can also change “Fullscreen” to “true” while you are here if you want it to launch this way every time in the future. Save the file. Don’t bother with making a backup of the original file before you do these changes… live on the edge. That’s what Colonel Blair would do.
IMPORTANT: Under Windows 7 and 8, you will not be able to edit this file unless you grant UAC rights to the config file first. Attempting to do so without rights will result in an error message stating ‘Access Denied,’ and you won’t be able to save your changes. The easiest workaround for this is to simply drag the file to your desktop before opening it. Then open the file from its new desktop location and make the above changes, save the file, then move it back to the original folder where you have Wing Commander 3 installed. There are other methods for formally assigning rights, but this is probably the easiest.

2) After launching Wing Commander 3, you will need to change a key binding from within DosBox because Xpadder doesn’t seem to like registering the ‘back slash’ key correctly. That key is used to do Max Speed, which I really rely on personally, so I recommend the following fix.
To get around the Xpadder refusal to register the backslash, I have swapped the DosBox bindings for ‘back slash’ and ‘F11’. When Wing Commander 3 game starts, Hit CTL+F1 to bring up the key mapper. Select the virtual ‘F11’ key, and delete the current assignment of ‘ F11’ to it. Then click ADD and hit ‘ \’. Then hit SAVE. Now, go to the ‘ \’ key and also choose DELETE, then ADD ‘F11’ and SAVE. Basically, you are telling DosBox that when you hit ‘F11’, you want the game to register a ‘\’ instead – and vice versa. You can skip this step, but then you will not be able to use the useful ‘Max Speed’ button assigned to the D Pad. Make sure and Save the bindings you swapped in the lower right corner of the binding screen before you select EXIT.

3) Thankfully, this final step is quite easy compared to the previous modifications. You simply need to be in either a mission or the training simulator and hit CTL+o, which brings up the settings. Make sure and change the input method from joystick to keyboard. This only works in flight missions… not in the rest of the game.

Code: Select all

;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Name=Wing Commander 3
Set1Button1Name=Toggle Autoslide
Set1Button2Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,R,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,0
Set1Button4Name=Cyle/Lock Target
Set1Button4Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,T,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,L
Set1Button5Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,M,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,E
Set1Button6Name=Cycle/Full Guns
Set1Button6Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,G,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,F
Set1Button7Name=Nav Map
Set1Button7Slots=N,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,Escape
Set1DPadUpName=Max Speed/Jump
Set1DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F11,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 1.00s,J
Set1DPadRightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Right Square Bracket,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,B
Set1DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Backspace,RELEASE ZONE 0.99s,HOLD ZONE 1.00s,A
Set1DPadLeftSlots=Left Square Bracket
Set1Stick1UpSlots=Arrow Up
Set1Stick1RightSlots=Arrow Right
Set1Stick1DownSlots=Arrow Down
Set1Stick1LeftSlots=Arrow Left
Set1Stick2UpSlots=NumPad +
Set1Stick2RightSlots=Delete,DISTANCE ZONE 50%,Left Shift,Delete
Set1Stick2LeftSlots=DISTANCE ZONE 1%,Insert,DISTANCE ZONE 50%,Left Shift,Insert
Set1TriggerLeftName=Fire Missile
Set2Button1Name=Share Power 
Set2Button1Slots=Left Shift,PAUSE 0.00s,Left Shift,Left Square Bracket
Set2Button2Slots=Left Control,PAUSE 0.00s,Left Control,Right Square Bracket
Set2Button3Name=LockPower %
Set2Button3Slots=Left Control,PAUSE 0.00s,Left Control,Right Square Bracket
Set2Button4Name=100% Power
Set2Button4Slots=Left Shift,PAUSE 0.00s,Left Shift,Right Square Bracket
Set2Button7Slots=Alt,PAUSE 0.00s,Alt,P
Set2Button9Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,5,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,6
Set2Button10Slots=HOLD ZONE 2.00s,Left Control,PAUSE 0.00s,Left Control,E
Set2DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F1,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,F8
Set2DPadRightSlots=F3,CYCLE STOP,F9
Set2DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F4,RELEASE ZONE 0.29s,HOLD ZONE 0.30s,F5
Set2DPadLeftSlots=F2,CYCLE STOP,F6
Set2Stick1UpSlots=DISTANCE ZONE 100%,RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,1
Set2Stick1RightSlots=DISTANCE ZONE 100%,RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,2
Set2Stick1DownSlots=DISTANCE ZONE 100%,RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,3
Set2Stick1LeftSlots=DISTANCE ZONE 100%,RELEASE ZONE 0.10s,4
Set2Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
Set2Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
Set2Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
Set2Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
Set2TriggerRightName=Left Mouse
Set2TriggerRightSlots=Left Mouse Button (1)

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