Psychonauts (X360)

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Psychonauts (X360)

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I was able to map almost everything in-game; it does support DirectInput for gamepads. And you get true analog stick support that way, which is nice for a platformer like this. I don't recall having to do too much switching around of the default bindings either. So unless that isn't working for some bizarre reason, I actually wouldn't recommend using Xpadder for much.

The one thing I did do with Xpadder, and which is actually quite vital for a game like this that uses all the buttons, is map the Left and Right triggers to the Home and End keys, and set those keys to Targetting/Floating and Power 1 respectively in the game. (Like all DirectInput games, Psychonauts doesn't recognize the triggers as buttons, so you need Xpadder to map them to keys.) If you really want that profile, here it is:

Code: Select all

;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Name=360 Triggers to Home End
If you want help making sure your controller bindings are set up the same as the XBox version, see the original XBox manual on, Page 2. Power 2 and Power 3 are shown being bound to the White and Black buttons, just bind them to the Left and Right buttons for the 360 controller. (Which is much more convenient anyway. :))

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