how to move with analog stick

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how to move with analog stick

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hello all.

game: diablo 3.
game pad: xbox 360 wired.

I got the movement to work "fine" using my left analog stick on my xbox 360 controller. but I have to assign the LT button for the left mouse click, and hold it down and move with the stick.

is there any way to just assign movement to the left stick without having to push down on the LT?

thank you.

Primal Fear
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Re: how to move with analog stick

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By using the Advanced Assignment window, you can simply add the left mouse button additionally to the respective mouse movement direction to every stick direction. To make pretty sure sure not to accidentally click loot that is close to your character, use a 0.10s Hold Zone and assign before it only the mouse movement and after it the mouse movement together with the left stick button.
If you like you can also make the improve the mouse spring, more information here.
You can find a combination of both in my Diablo2 profile.

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Re: how to move with analog stick

Post by sbellville »

Primal Fear,

I've been trying to figure out how to assign the left mouse button to the stick direction via the advanced menu. I've looked at your profile, but I'm still unclear as to the setup.

Can you give me step by step directions?

Thank you

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