[NEW] ETS2 FIXED 39+ keystroke profile using ps4 controller and DS4Windows

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[NEW] ETS2 FIXED 39+ keystroke profile using ps4 controller and DS4Windows

Post » 14 Sep 2015, 02:52

Select all the Profile text, copy, click the Paste option in Xpadder Profile Menu (help)

I found the solution and it works very well. Basically what I did was let ETS2 control the x, y, and z axises ( steering, looking up and down and acceleration and decceleration for the mapping portion of the controller. I did this so I could make proper use of the triggers and analog stick. Then I used xpadder to remap all the buttons.

I included images of my keyboard, control and 1st page of gameplay settings for your reference and you can check stuff to see what the end result will look like. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I forgot to note on the first image that if you tap the bumper buttons they are your blinkers, keep them held down and they are your alt 1 or views set selector buttons. One neat feature is holding the right d pad button down will turn on your radio and if you hold down the buttons used to turn the cruise control on and off will change your song on your play list to the previous or next track. All buttons with / in the description refers to a button where you tap for 1 command and hold longer for another command. Their is also a lot of room left on the alt 1 and views sets to add a lot more mapped keys if you want to edit the code. knock yourself out, just make sure to give me credit, I put a lot of work in to this.



One think that threw me for a loop for a while was as I was making this profile, I was using a modded truck, engine and automatic transmission. The truck would always take off if a high gear and not 1st. After trying all kinds of things in xpadder, I decided to try a non-modded truck, engine and transmission and the problem was solved. It turned out the problem is within the mod. If you have this problem with a modded truck, try selecting a different transmission as I found some work better than others.

I would highly recommend backing up your Euro Truck Simulator 2 save game data in your MyDocuments folder first so you can always go back to what you had if something went wrong for some reason of if you just don't like this xpadder profile.

This is actually a lot easier than it looks and what you will need to do is:

1) Start xpadder how you usually do and select the ETS2 39 key xpadderprofile you made from the code in this post. If you use a ps4 controller like myself then you would want to start DS4Windows or SCPServer first before you start xpadder.

Code: Select all
;--- Xpadder Profile File ---

[Profile Settings]

[Set Settings]
Set2Name=ALT 1

Set1Button1Name=SET C.C./NEXT
Set1Button1Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,C,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Page Up
Set1Button2Name=LOOK R/PAN
Set1Button2Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,NumPad 6,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,NumPad *
Set1Button3Name=LOOK L/PAN
Set1Button3Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,NumPad 4,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,NumPad /
Set1Button4Name=LOOK F/MAP
Set1Button4Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,1,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,M
Set1Button5Name=L WINK/ALT 1
Set1Button6Name=R WINK/VIEWS
Set1Button7Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F1,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,F6,RELEASE ZONE 0.60s,HOLD ZONE 0.61s,F7
Set1Button8Name=MAP ZOOM/MENU
Set1Button8Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F5,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Escape
Set1DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,T,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Space
Set1DPadRightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,P,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,R
Set1DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Alt,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Page Down
Set1DPadLeftSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,L,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,K
Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
Set2Button1Name=TRAILER B.
Set2Button1Slots=Right Control
Set2Button3Name=HAZ./E BRAKE
Set2Button3Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,B
Set2Button4Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,E,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Enter
Set2Button5Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,TAP TIME 0.02s,Left Square Bracket,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s
Set2Button10Name=L. HORN
Set3Button1Name=ROOF CAM
Set3Button2Name=BLINK CAM ROT
Set3Button3Name=STEER CAM ROT
Set3Button6Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,TAP TIME 0.02s,Right Square Bracket,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s
Set3Button10Name=AIR HORN
Set3Stick2UpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,1
Set3Stick2RightName=LEAN OUT
Set3Stick2RightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,5
Set3Stick2DownName=DRIVE BY C
Set3Stick2DownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,8
Set3Stick2LeftName=TOP CAM
Set3Stick2LeftSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,3

2) start ETS2, use the controller setup wizard and select controller and select simple automatic. Make sure gamplay is set to simple automatic and the x and z axises are set as shown in control 2 image.
3) go to options and then keyboard settings and then change the secondary settings to N/A or as many as it will let you. I included images of the settings for you to use as a guide. How I did it was I left the first 4 alone, ( w,s,a,d ) and then I entered in "W" as all of the remaining secondary keyboard settings.

4) Then I went into options, controls menu and did the same their. Some places it would not let me map the "W" key to some of the h shifter settings but that doesn't matter anyway as this profile is for a simple automatic transmission and they will not be used.

5) Then I went back to options, keyboard and entered "W" at the very top of the secondary keyboard mapping.

6) Now you are ready to drive.

7) Of course the next time you start ETS2 you will not need to do steps 2,3,4, and 5 above.

If you have any questions or would like to say thanks or offer some feedback that would be great. I do check here often to see if anybody posted a reply.
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Re: [NEW] ETS2 FIXED 39+ keystroke profile using ps4 controller and DS4Windows

Post » 15 Sep 2015, 04:26

I corrected a small error in the code. the "TRAILER/P BRAKE" button which is the up arrow on the d pad is suppose to have the key "T" assigned to it to attach/detatch trailer. I fixed the code above.

If you want to just edit your xpadderprofile file, this is what the corrected line looks like.

Set1DPadUpSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,T,RELEASE ZONE 0.30s,HOLD ZONE 0.31s,Space
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