Some issues/requests for Xpadder

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Some issues/requests for Xpadder

Post » 12 Aug 2017, 03:17

So i finally started making use of the new functionality, stuff that's been in for years, and I've noticed issues. It works as its programmed however not how I'd like it to. So I'll describe my issue then suggest a feature to address it. If any of the functionality is in Xpadder that i mention below please forgive me as i haven't seen it and I've been trying things for days now.

-So I am trying to make a profile for Squad a steam fps with a bunch of buttons as the in game controller support is worse then terrible. To make the profile flow nicely i split up normal controller use SET 1, aiming SET 2, driving SET 3, using/reloading SET 4. I'm using an xbox 360 wireless controller. While left trigger is held it switches to SET 2, the problem comes in here while on SET 2 i hold down x button to use a turret and let go of the left trigger it goes back to SET 1 and only recognizes the x button on it being released which takes me to SET 4 even though i have it set to only go to SET 4 while held. Since the x button is set up while held you are now stuck on SET 4 unless you set up a button to jump back to SET 1 if it happens and or do the opposite it took to get there which is complicated when in game.
1. check box for the set selector that if not pushed down while on that set it would ignore it being released.
2. if the x button is down when it comes back to SET 1 from SET 2 its takes it as being pressed and goes to SET 4 as its still being held down.

-Many occasions i have wanted to be able to program if then statements in the button assignment, such as if your pushing the joystick forward pushing the joystick in would do one event and if your standing still it would do another.
1. add simple if this button is down then or up then do this. sets kinda do this but this would allow multiple buttons at the same time to be required to do something.

-Rumble doesn't seem to work right anymore. I'm on Windows 10 using the latest Xpadder version may 2017. I can go into rumble and turn it on and move the sliders and my controller does vibrate, not nearly as much as it used to on that screen though. Which would be fine as i don't need a hand massage, but when i press the button on the controller there is no vibration.
1. NO IDEA but would love if it was fixed, i've tried a bunch of stuff with my controller and drivers and nothing. ideas on what i can try are welcome.

-I'd love to be able to edit and make new profiles when the controller is not connected.
1. allow profiles to be edited based on a controller layout already set up.

-The about form for Xpadder program says i'm on Windows 8 Build9200 64bit. I'm on Windows 10 64bit pro Build 14393.
1. make show correct windows version (not important visually) but maybe it affect the code

-Can't choose another profile based on double tap or a long hold and release. This would add so many more options to be able to use the limited buttons on a controller. Also being able to rumble(once its fixed for me) or toggle depending on the type of button press.
1. Add specials to the Advanced Assignment form.

-When programming a button do press R when pressed quickly and when held for 300 milliseconds press F I have not found a way to not press R in the case that F is run. My workaround for this was to press R when released after 10 milliseconds then when its held for 300 milliseconds press F then R then R again.
1. Add an button function to allow the button to be pressed only if its between 10 milliseconds and 299 as once its 300 the other button should only happen.

This program is still the best controller program I've used. Hopefully the above can be added as make it even better. Profile downloads would be really nice in the application as well but that's less important to me.

Thanks for the continued hard work. I'm also assuming most of these you know about as you've programmed it, but figured I'd let you know if you didn't and also so that you know somebody would like to have them implemented and you wouldn't be wasting your time.

FEATURE when playing the game have it display on the game window, optional, of what set it being used.
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Re: Some issues/requests for Xpadder

Post » 18 Aug 2017, 22:41

RE ISSUE #1 Sounds like the old while held problem. If that is still an issue in the latest version, please see this thread: While Held Workaround

ISSUE #4 Try edting profiles using the Debug-Virtual Controllers menu (enabled under settings>>Options>>Window>Show Debug Settings)

ISSUE #7 there is an example on the forums for correct (exclusive R OR F) tap/hold sequences. See this Advanced Assignments thread for more information. There is a section in the first post regarding tap & hold sequences. I agree It's not the most intuitive thing. Hope that helps.

RE EDIT: IKR! There are third party apps that allow you to set a window to be "always on top". I've used them with a Top-This controller theme but using sketchy third party apps for this basic functionality makes me feel dirty. Xpadder on a 2nd monitor is my best advice for an alternative.
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Re: Some issues/requests for Xpadder

Post » 20 Aug 2017, 03:57

1. That work around works nicely had to increase the firerate of the turbo to .02, still would be nice not to have to workaround. Still boggles my mind that this works.

2. Wow i didn't even think of debugging since its not really but gets the job done for sure.

3. The advanced assignments worked for the most part i was very close but not there, however, i still needed to switch from set 1 to set 4 when holding X and on set 4 have the joystick do wads if not holding x for more then .3 seconds else do mouse and i couldn't seem to do that. but overall it helped remove many annoyances with leaning and scoreboard and especially with sprinting its so much better now.

4. ya i don't care to use a 3rd party, and using second monitor would be an option is i played at my desk as i have 3 monitors there, but i play on my tv so that doesn't really work. Id love it to be like fraps or the fps counters and show "Set 1: Normal Mode" or "Set 2: Aiming Mode" or "Set 3: Driving Mode" or "Set 4: Reload/Use Mode".

Any comment on the rest of the stuff i mentioned?

Thanks for the response it definitely helped.
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