Double Tap / Hold style functions.

Double Tap / Hold style functions.

Post » 07 Jul 2010, 14:26

I play an online game with a dash command that consists of double tapping a movement key, and then holding it. Dashing is the state you want to be in 99% of the time, but there is no option to run with one button.

So what I would like to do is set up a button so when I press it, it presses the button, releases it, then presses it again and holds it for as long as I hold it down. This would effectively allow me to run with the press of a button, instead of having to double tap manually for every time.

Is this possible? I do not care for any elaborate modifiers that would also allow me to walk, as walking is an undesirable state of movement in this game.
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Re: Double Tap / Hold style functions.

Post » 08 Jul 2010, 02:37

Yes, Xpadder has a feature called Advanced Assignments that can do this.
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