Dead Rising 2 (X360)

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Dead Rising 2 (X360)

Post » 02 Oct 2010, 03:48

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tankpier222 wrote:Can someone padd that for me?

I am in the same boat. Bought the game, downloaded it, installed it, got ready for a great day of gaming and bam!!! My wireless 360 pad isn't recognized. What a total let down. Are they just trying to boost sales for the old corded pad? I mean really, how does a company not realise that an entire UI isn't supported? I bought the 360 controller to avoid this kind of thing. I made this code but, it isn't quite like playing with the controller. LB is dodge roll. RB is shift. I made B into E and 2. you will need to look at the control layout in the manual to understand why I made these buttons. There is no shoot throw button like on the controller layout. It doesn't explain why so I assume it shoots at what you aim at with the mouse/right stick. I haven't played the game or tried this yet. Pressing up on D-Pad scrolls through items. I did the best I could. I'm no expert and this is my second code, please forgive any mistakes. Maybe someone else can fix it up. This will get you playing though. Good luck.
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;--- Xpadder Profile Data ---
Set1Button3Slots=Left Mouse Button (1)
Set1Button5Slots=Left Control
Set1Button6Slots=Left Shift
Set1Button10Slots=Middle Mouse Button (3)
Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
Set1TriggerLeftSlots=Right Mouse Button (2)
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Re: Dead Rising 2

Post » 02 Oct 2010, 18:57

There is also a native solution here, same problem as Assassins Creed 2.
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Re: Dead Rising 2

Post » 08 Oct 2010, 19:42

the tool this 2 files were created with is not just for 360 wireless users, it works with EVERY controller out there. works like a charm (damn, its AWESOME!!!) for example, i have a ps3 wireless controller from big ben interactive and with this tool it justs works as i'd have a real 360 controller.

in short words: this tool emulates a 360 controller...

three important steps to get it to work with dr2:
- activate compatibility mode
- deactivate native
- deactivate rumbe/force feedback

launch the game, activate the controller in options menu, have fun.

i used xpadder before, but with this tool, imho its much better (and easier)
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