I need help on how to do this

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I need help on how to do this

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Is there a way to assign a button two or more key functions? I'll use call of duty as an example. On the xbox version if you press "B" you crouch and if you hold it for a half second or so you go prone? On pc it's two different buttons, "C" for crouch and "Ctrl" for prone so is there a way I can set "B" to push/tap for crouch and held down for prone? And then push "B" once more to return back to crouch and once again to return to standing. Is there a way to do that? Similarly, the "X" button on xbox cod is reload but it also serves as the action button when available, on pc "R" is reload and "F" is use. Is there a way to set it up so "X" is reload(R) and action(F) if it's available? I think it might have something to do with the sets option but am unsure, if so can someone explain how I use them to do this? I've been trying to figure out how to do this for awhile now and cannot figure how.

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Re: I need help on how to do this

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You need to use the Advance Assignment window for that. You will need Combination and Tap&Hold, but I would recommend reading the first chapter "Advanced Assignment window in detail" in the first place.

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Re: I need help on how to do this

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Hey man, there is a way to do what you are trying to do with Xpadder, to hold down a button for a second and then have it act as another button. Primal Fear nailed it in his response. In COD I do this to map Reload/Use to X. But for Stand/Crouch/Prone, there is a better way (IMO). In the in-game key bindings there is an option called "Change Stance" or something like that. This does exactly what the console version does and then you can map it to one keyboard button. BF3/BF4 have it too. So, when I play a game like that I just go to the controls menu, click the 'Change Stance' option and then press B on the Xbox controller, and I am good to go.

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